Dogendra Tumsa

Designation: Statistician

Dogendra Tumsa (Limbu) completed his Master’s degree in statistics from the Central Department of Statistics, TribhuvanUniversity (TU). He has worked as a field supervisor, data entry operator, and enumerator on various projects carried out by the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, and CARE Nepal. He possesses a good knowledge of time series modeling, such as ARIMA, Distributed Lag Model, Granger causality test among others. Currently, he works as a statistician for CESLAM/Social Science Baha, and is involved in many projects that actively collaborate with numerous organisations and academic institutions; for example,  UNDP, AmeriCares, The Asian Foundation, and VSO to name a few. He has worked on many research studies and some of his most recent work is ‘Assessing the impact of UNDP Nepal’s early recovery work on socially disadvantaged & people with disabilities’ (2016), ‘Socio political impact on migration’ (2016), ‘Mental health and psychological support evaluation study’, and ‘Health facilities reconstruction and health service strengthening in the Makwanpur district, Nepal’ (2016).
Moreover, he has excellent knowledge on research software, like CSpro (tables/desktop), SPSS, STATA, and R, Eviews and Python.