• Gender and Safe Mobility: Promising Global and Regional Practices

    Gender and Safe Mobility: Promising Global and Regional Practices

    Author(s): Bandita Sijapati and P.M. Nair

    Published Date: October 2014

    Publication Type: Report

    Published by: International Organization for Migration

    The report approaches the issue of migration through a gender lens in order to foster a more integrated, holistic approach to assess pre-existing mechanisms to ensure safe migration of females from the region. The report broadly pertains to the South Asian region, and focuses exclusively on three countries: Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. It focuses more on presenting a broad r..

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  • State of Migration in Nepal

    State of Migration in Nepal

    Author(s): Sanjay Sharma, Shibani Pandey, Dinesh Pathak & Bimbika Sijapati-Basnett

    Published Date: July 2014

    Publication Type: Research Paper VI

    Published by: CESLAM

    Migration is a common phenomenon in both its domestic and international dimensions in Nepal. Traditionally, most of the migration took place within the country’s borders, with some people going to India and Tibet. Nepal’s entry into the global economy has since re-defined these historical trends, and, now, Nepalis can be found spread across the globe. This paper u..

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