Our Team

  • Jeevan Baniya

    Jeevan Baniya



    Jeevan Baniya received his PhD in Political Science from the Faculty of Social Science, University of Oslo, Norway, and MA from GSIS Ajou University, South Korea.    In Social Science Baha/CESLAM, he is involved in planning and designing research, analysis and rep.. More >
  • Sambriddhi Kharel

    Sambriddhi Kharel



    Sambridhi Khalrel received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. Her dissertation examined the The Dialectics of Identity and Resistance among Dalits in Nepal. She completed her master’s in Sociology and Women’s studies from Universi.. More >
  • Anish Bhandari

    Anish Bhandari

    Research Associate


    Anish Bhandari holds a Law degree from Tribhuvan University. He was awarded NOMA fellowship from University of Life Sciences Norway for the Masters course in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies. Focusing on the Maoist insurgency in Nepal, his Masters Dissertation studies pu.. More >
  • Himalaya Kharel

    Himalaya Kharel

    Research Associate


    Himalaya Kharel holds a master's degree in anthropology from Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal). He also holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Nepal Law Campus (Kathmandu, Nepal). He has also completed a one-year course in Graduate Diploma in Social Sci.. More >
  • Manju Gurung

    Manju Gurung

    Research Associate


    Manju Gurung completed her master's in sociology from Tribhuvan University. She has worked as a social mobiliser in Garibi Niwaran Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha, Chitwan. She has also worked as a supervisor of CBS Census 2011 as well as an ethnographic researcher in.. More >
  • Mohd Ayub

    Mohd Ayub

    Research Associate


    Mohd Ayub holds a master’s degree in economics with a specialisation in development from South Asian University (New Delhi, India) and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi, India). Apart from the mainstream education, he has a sound.. More >
  • Ratna Kambang

    Ratna Kambang

    Research Associate


    Ratna holds a master's degree in sociology from Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal).  Previously, she has worked as a field enumerator at CEDA (Center for Economic Development and Administration) for Poverty Alleviation Fund to conduct a baseline survey in CCF-im.. More >
  • Swarna Kumar Jha

    Swarna Kumar Jha

    Research Associate


    Swarna Kumar Jha has a masters in sociology from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.    He was involved in research on The Rural Livelihoods and the Climate Change Adaptations in the Himalayas and Analysis of Local Enterprise & Community Development A.. More >
  • Amrita Gurung

    Amrita Gurung

    Research Assistant


    Amrita Gurung is a graduate of Nepa School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her research interests include human rights, international HR instruments and policies, labor and migration, gender and social inclusion, right to food, and identity and conflict. Her paper "Viol.. More >
  • Bhimkala Limbu

    Bhimkala Limbu

    Research Assistant


    Bhima has a master's degree in anthropology from Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal).   She has worked as a field enumerator in Central Department of Sociology/ Anthropology and also in FORWARD Nepal. She carried out the baseline survey for the Feed the Future Pr.. More >
  • Bipin Upadhyaya

    Bipin Upadhyaya



    Bipin Upadhyaya has completed his Master Degree in Statistics from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. His Master Degree Dissertation studies effect of major variables to the production of vegetables in Nepal by applying the Cobb-Douglas production function. He has very good ex.. More >
  • Dogendra Tumsa

    Dogendra Tumsa



    Dogendra Tumsa completed his Master’s degree in Statistics from Central Department of Statistics, T. U. He has worked as field supervisor, data entry operator and enumerator in various projects carried out by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Ministry of For.. More >